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Taplow Executive Search

Taplow has more than 30 years of experience with Executive Search and headhunting. Part of The Taplow Group, which is represented in more than 25 countries across 6 continents.

We are experts in Search and Interim of managerial and specialist level positions, and thus of great value to your company when you are looking for the perfect employee for a job that is difficult to fill.

When we look for your next star employee, it only happens after thorough clarification of requirements and discussions with our client people, as well as a thorough coverage of the market. Only then are candidates, who are relevant to the position to be filled, identified. Candidates are found partly  through our large network as well as our GDPR-secured CRM-system. Once we have a complete picture of the assignment, we will contact directly the candidates, who are relevant to the position.


Taplow Executive Interim

Interim means temporary in Latin. At Taplow Executive Interim, this means that we connect experienced managers, specialists and companies for a limited period of time. Our Interim Managers add specific competence needs, solve given problems or initiate a desired change in the company. The focus of our Interim Managers is thus to temporarily add specific competencies to the company rather than simply solving a fixed job. Adding flexible interim competencies to the organization is an intelligent way of ensuring that desired changes are implemented. 

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Management evaluation

Taplow helps to both uncover a single employees' skills and the potential need for development to uncover an entire management team or for that matter an entire business skills development needs.

No matter if it's a single person we are talking about, or an entire company's coverage of competencies, this is done through evaluation through workshops, interviews, tests and (360-degree) analyzes. Here we get a picture of the gap (the Gap analysis), between the company's current situation and the desired situation.


Leadership Development

On the basis of the image, which have subscribed and skills shortages that are visble, we plan a development process corrected corporate strategy and objectives. Read Zealand Care's statement about their leadership development process.


Contact Us

Taplow, Slotsmarken 14, 2970 Hørsholm, Denmark

Telephone: 3315 4206



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Taplow has been successful in Denmark since 1991 and has achieved a large network of both clients as candidates. Through our professional approach and cooperation, we have clients who have been with us for many years - and many candidates have become clients.

At the Danish office, we make much of our clients experience, the cooperation and the entire process as a flow, where our team of headhunters, researchers and administrative staff works dedicated hand in hand. Our unique approach to the task is, among other things, Taplow's 2-way's Assessment Center.


Here we combine problem solving and handling change with real business issues. Here the candidate's professional and experimental requirements are identified as well as the important common chemistry between client and candidate. This process can both stand alone and work with a number of other HR processes.

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